Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So in my whole life i have only been to 5 different hospitals. i was born in kaiser redwood city, of course i don't really remember that visit. Until a few years ago i hadn't been in a hospital at all, then  i had a surgery at Kaiser Fremont  but i only stayed one night and it wasn't really a big deal. i had my own room and had a pretty good experience. In June i visited my grandma after her surgery in Kaiser redwood city again i was only there for a short amount of time but she had her own room and things seemed good for her. In September i was in Washington hospital for Zoey's delivery. I was there for a few days and had a pretty good experience. The nurses were overall really understanding and helpful. My one nurse had lost a child many years prior so she knew what i was going through and helped us out a lot. While i was there and while my sister was there for Scarlett's delivery we had our own rooms and felt we had a good experience.

When Scarlett was first diagnosed she was at Stanford Children's hospital. This was like the Cadillac of hospitals. The staff was great to work with and the facility was very family oriented. There were many places for people to sit and sleep while their little ones were in the hospital. Scarlett had her own room with bathroom that we could all use. Now we are at Oakland Children's Hospital it is defiantly a different type of hospital. It feels much more like a regular hospital. the walls are less decorated and there are very few and little places for family to be. It seems like a hospital for children would make it possible for parents to stay with their children. Kids that are here tend to be so sick that what parent wants to leave their child alone.

Having been to all these hospitals helps me a little. I know if i have a problem with my next pregnancy i defiantly want to go to Stanford. I won't care how much more it will cost it is worth it. With the way our health insurance is it is hard to not think about cost. I don't want to base my decisions on cost but i can't help it. When i was delivering Zoey and needed an epidural in my pain and stress i kept thinking this is so expensive but worth it. I fought getting the epidural partially because of fear but also because of cost. Why does our health care system have to be like this. I think it is a major problem i wish i could change but know i have no control over.

We have had a couple updates from Scarlett's surgeons and so far everything is going well. it is just a long waiting game from now on. So many people have been showing their support and it means a lot to our whole family. I feel like together my sister and my story can help so many other people. I was telling Mike this morning that this whole experience feels like something that Oprah would do a show or story about on her show.


  1. I am so sorry your family has to struggle so much! My heart is with your niece and your family.

  2. HI. I follow Brandi and Chris' blog. Im from the OCT 2010 boards. I live in Canada and visit the states birth boards very often. This tragic event has stuck to me and Ive been waiting around all day for more updates. I just had to comment to tell you that Iam so relieved that everything is going well with her surgery. Ive been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting and hoping for a new update on Brandi and chris' blog. Ive got my nails chewed down to the nub (gross i know lol) I didnt want to just come onto you blog and be a creeper. So I thought I would comment Im still praying very hard. My son wore red today for Scarlett and I wore the closest color i had to it because sadly I dont own any red. Thank you for the slight update in your blog. :) So much love you Scarlett, her mommy and daddy and your families.

  3. Hi. My name is Ally... I found your blog off your sisters. Which i found on bbc from the july 2010 group.
    I was browsing through your blog and was reading your posts about your sweet little girl. It is horribly heartbreaking but all to familiar. I am so so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to let you know that getting the cerclage is a wonderful option. Unfortunately my family knows way to much about incompetent cervix. My sister ended up losing her first (twins- boy and girl, that she conceived from in-vitro)at around 20 weeks. It was aweful. Her story of having them sounded so much like yours. She had some fluid leaking and it ended up being one of the twins sacks. She then went in and was dilated t a 5 without any contractions. They then found that she had caught an infection cause of the break and had to deliver her sweet little ones. It was heart breaking for our whole family. Since then she was able to get pregnant 3 months after (loosing them) and got a cerclage placed at around 13 weeks. She stayed down pretty much her whole pregnancy. She probably could have done more than she did but she was to horrified to have the same thing happen again.. Anyways long story short she delieverd a healthy little girl at 40 wks. And is now pregnant again. She did the same cerclage at 13 weeks and hasn't been on bedrest at all this time. She is taking care of her little 1 1/2 yr old and doing great! Stitch is holding strong and she is now 28 wks.
    Then this last year I had my first pregnancy. We had been told that IC wasn't passed in genes so I shouldn't worry. Still my doctor(which is incredible by the way) kept a closer eye on me and brought me in for appts more often and had regular ultrasounds. Luckly for me at 22 weeks they caught my cervix at 1.75 cm. Less than half of what it should be. I was put in the hospital that next day and then had a emergency cerclage placed. It was the scariest time of my life. I was so afraid to loose my little boy. I knew what my odds were for carrying him to term and I knew all about IC cause of my sister. I was on bedrest and recieved progesterone shots every week that my husband did at home. I too was able to carry my little man till 40 weeks. Anyways.. SOrry to rattle on. But I just want you to know that it is so so so scary. And hard to know what the right decision to do is. But if you have any doubts about getting the stitch just know that there are lots of great outcomes from them. I know that when I was on bedrest I found way to many stories of failed cerclages. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to compare cervical lengths( I am sure your next pregnancy you will know way to much about your cervix) or have any questions or even just want a IC buddy I would love to talk. I have a blog or e-mail

    Good luck with everything! I hope you get pregnant quickly and have a wonderful, safe pregnancy ending with a healthy little one in your arms. Also I send my love and prayers for your niece Scarlett.. Oh also... My sister and I have PCOS too... Lame to be blessed with both! :)