Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caleb's Room

 I finally have some pictures of what we have been up to in his room. They aren't the best pictures but I wanted to post them so you all could see. His room is a little messy because I haven't put everything away yet. It seems like every time I get it all put away we get more stuff, which is awesome but hard to keep everything organized.

The Christmas teddy bear was one I had when I was little and the other two bears are ones that Mike and I made at build a bear when we were dating.

The window valance that my sister made with the fabric that Mike picked out and decided we had to have in Caleb's room.

My talented sister made this crib skirt as well. It's nice having people that can sew in the family.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

36 Weeks

Yesterday I had my cerclage taken out. My Dr had told me that it wouldn't be too bad so they do it in the office and once they get it set up it should only take a couple minutes. Well like many things my situation was not like normal. My cervix is tilted and further back than normal. Also the stitch was as the Dr. said well placed and hard to pull and cut. It ended up taking about 45 minutes and was much more painful than I expected. On the doctors last attempt before sending me to L&D to have it removed with an epidural she was able to get it out. The Dr apologized afterward for it being worse than she thought it would be and not being able to prepare me better. She also told my mom who was with me that I deserve to be pampered when I got home. Mike was at work so my mom filled in for him, which I am really grateful for because she helped remind me to breathe and relax though it. Luckily Mike gets home today. (it's currently midnight on Thursday morning and his flight gets in at 8:30am). I thought about staying the night at my parents just in case I had to go to the hospital tonight but I was feeling ok and figured I would sleep better at home.

The Dr measured my belly and said I am still measuring big so although it isn't exact she thinks Caleb will be bigger but not huge. They checked his heartbeat, which was normal and checked that he is still head down and it is. After the cerclage came out the Dr checked my cervix and said it still felt closed and long. I am really hoping to go into labor in the next week or two instead of at or past my due date in three. Caleb is pretty active throughout the day and gets the hiccups at least twice a day these days.

Before Mike went to work last week we were very busy getting Caleb's room all put together. We got everything we still needed, we set up the pack in play in our room, we packed the suitcase for the hospital, and started cleaning up the whole house. I feel pretty ready for Caleb's arrival. I will try to take pictures of his room this week and post them for you all to see.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

35 Weeks

Last Sunday we had our baby shower. It was great to see all our friends and family together to celebrate Caleb. My friends Leslie and Kelly did a great job putting it all together for us and making amazing vegan food for everyone to enjoy. We heard many people say they never knew vegan food could be soo good. Mike wanted to be included so we invited both men and women to the shower which was fun. The boys got to watch football and drink beer while the ladies chatted. There was a onesie decorating table which showed off how artistically gifted many of our friends and family are. My sister made me a diaper boat with not only diapers but blankets and burp cloths that she made. (her blog has a how to if anyone is interested) I am so thankful to everyone that came and all the great gifts we received. I can't wait for Caleb to be here to meet everyone.

Thursday I had another Dr. appointment. Everything is still going smoothly. Caleb's heartbeat was good and all my stats (blood pressure, belly measurement...)  were good. I am still measuring a week to two weeks bigger but the Dr. said that was normal. I didn't have to have an exam this week because they no longer worry about me going into labor. I thought my cerclage was going to come out on Oct. 26th but my Dr. changed her mind and decided to do it Oct. 19th because I was going to be seeing her that day anyways. They take the stitch out in the office and she made it sound like it wouldn't be too bad. Since it looks like Mike will be at work my mom is going to come with me just in case.

Mike and I have been working on Caleb's room a lot since he got home. We installed a closet organizer, got the furniture put in and the crib put together. I washed and started putting away all the clothes and items we have received from people. I am slowly starting to organize his stuff so we know where things are. We still have some items we need to get but not too many.

My mom and sister are going to come over in the next week or so and help me make a crib skirt and window valance since they got the sewing genes and I didn't. I can do it but they are much better at it. They are also going to clean my house for me because my mom asked me last week what I wanted to my birthday and I said a good house cleaning before Caleb arrives. It kinda makes me laugh knowing that's what I wanted because I remember my mom saying that every year for her birthday, and as a kid thinking oh yeah whatever. But now I see she probably really meant it most years.