Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caleb's Room

 I finally have some pictures of what we have been up to in his room. They aren't the best pictures but I wanted to post them so you all could see. His room is a little messy because I haven't put everything away yet. It seems like every time I get it all put away we get more stuff, which is awesome but hard to keep everything organized.

The Christmas teddy bear was one I had when I was little and the other two bears are ones that Mike and I made at build a bear when we were dating.

The window valance that my sister made with the fabric that Mike picked out and decided we had to have in Caleb's room.

My talented sister made this crib skirt as well. It's nice having people that can sew in the family.


  1. It's SUPER cute!!! I can't wait for you to meet your little man, I'm glad things have been going so well! :)

  2. Your sister IS talented. You are so lucky. I wish I had a talented sister like that!! :-)

  3. Aww I remember that bear from when we were little!! He is a very lucky boy and I am So happy for you! I love reading your blog!