Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life with a 3 year old

Last week Caleb turned the big 3..
 We didn't have a big party this year but we did have a family dinner with all the grandparents, his aunt and uncle and best friend/ cousin Scarlett. He loves his new train set and iPad (him and I share the iPad).

Everyday caleb is learning new things and becoming more aware of the things around us. He asks a ton of questions and really takes in the answers. He has also become a back seat driver telling me where to go and how fast I should be driving. Overall he is a very loving sweet little boy who loves to give kisses and hugs. Most moms say that the snuggles end as they get older but for now he is my little snuggle bug and I take it all in.

Being pregnant and dealing with a 3 year old can be really difficult some days. Between night terrors and growth spurts his sleeping hasn't been the best. He is also learning how to have an opinion and make it well known. Before having kids I always heard of the terrible 2's but let me tell you the threes are way worse. As much as I love seeing him grow and learn things it also makes the fights over things a bit harder and it makes it harder to distract him from throwing a fit.

As this pregnancy goes by (which feels like snail speed) I start to think about how life will be different once the twins are here. Part of me feels guilty that caleb's life is going to change so much. I know having siblings can be amazing but I worry about how much time I will have for him and how much harder things will be for me. It makes me sad that this christmas will be the last one he has without babies around. I know many moms feel this way when they get pregnant with a second child but i feel like for me its more about the fact I am having twins than just another child.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today I am 15 weeks 4 days. I feel a little better than I did a few week ago.
My nausea is better and not constant and I am sleeping better at night.  In the last week or two I got my heartburn back. Which I only had with Caleb so I remember it well but was hoping I wouldn't get it this time around. Overall my body is pretty sore and i get lots of pelvic pains already. It makes me worry about what I will feel like in the coming months. My biggest struggle now is trying not to pick Caleb up. I am able to now but I know coming up soon i won't be able to and I want him to get used to it. It's just hard because at 3 he still wants me to hold him and carry him plus the convenience of being able to make him do things like get in bed or a shopping cart.

It's not a great picture but it is from about a week ago. Its amazing how quickly I started showing. I feel like I look now how I looked at 6 months with caleb.

A couple weeks ago I had my cerclage procedure done. Mike and I went into the hospital around 8:30am and were able to leave finally around 4pm. Everything went really well.  It took a while for the epidural to wear off so I couldn't leave until I could walk and go to the bathroom. Every person I dealt with at the hospital was amazing. My favorite was the anesthesiologist. He is a fellow there and I am hoping he is there when I deliver. The L&D department was pretty busy like always but i didn't feel like anyone was rushed in helping me or talking me through things. I got to ask the nurse a bunch of questions about delivery. Since last time my C-section was not planned this time around it will be different and I will be more prepared for it.

Since the cerclage was placed I haven't had any problems and at my check up last week she said everything was looking good. At this appointment I also did my first glucose test and passed. Because of my PCOS an the fact that I am having twins the Dr wanted me to do an early test and i will have to do another one around 26 weeks. Many things are more common with twin pregnancies like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia so my Dr wants to keep a closer eye on me. She wants to see me every 3 weeks for now and then later it will be every 2 then every week.