Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today I am 15 weeks 4 days. I feel a little better than I did a few week ago.
My nausea is better and not constant and I am sleeping better at night.  In the last week or two I got my heartburn back. Which I only had with Caleb so I remember it well but was hoping I wouldn't get it this time around. Overall my body is pretty sore and i get lots of pelvic pains already. It makes me worry about what I will feel like in the coming months. My biggest struggle now is trying not to pick Caleb up. I am able to now but I know coming up soon i won't be able to and I want him to get used to it. It's just hard because at 3 he still wants me to hold him and carry him plus the convenience of being able to make him do things like get in bed or a shopping cart.

It's not a great picture but it is from about a week ago. Its amazing how quickly I started showing. I feel like I look now how I looked at 6 months with caleb.

A couple weeks ago I had my cerclage procedure done. Mike and I went into the hospital around 8:30am and were able to leave finally around 4pm. Everything went really well.  It took a while for the epidural to wear off so I couldn't leave until I could walk and go to the bathroom. Every person I dealt with at the hospital was amazing. My favorite was the anesthesiologist. He is a fellow there and I am hoping he is there when I deliver. The L&D department was pretty busy like always but i didn't feel like anyone was rushed in helping me or talking me through things. I got to ask the nurse a bunch of questions about delivery. Since last time my C-section was not planned this time around it will be different and I will be more prepared for it.

Since the cerclage was placed I haven't had any problems and at my check up last week she said everything was looking good. At this appointment I also did my first glucose test and passed. Because of my PCOS an the fact that I am having twins the Dr wanted me to do an early test and i will have to do another one around 26 weeks. Many things are more common with twin pregnancies like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia so my Dr wants to keep a closer eye on me. She wants to see me every 3 weeks for now and then later it will be every 2 then every week. 

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