Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm pregnant!!

It's taken me a while to get time to post with all the exciting things happening around here.

I am about 11 weeks pregnant with TWINS!!

I knew taking clomid increased my chances of twins but i didn't really expect it until the Dr said during an ultrasound.. "yep its twins". I have seen them on ultrasound about 5 times now so I know its real but it still feels a little crazy.

My due date is May 2, 2015 but twins usually come early so they will most likely be born in early to mid april. I am hoping everything goes smooth and I deliver them at 36-38 weeks.

When I was about 8 weeks I had some bleeding and had to rush to the emergency room. After many hours at stanford ER, the ER dr.'s told me that the babies looked fine but that my placenta was pulling away from my uterus. This really freaked me out like any mom would be. I went in on a saturday and on monday I had a follow up with my Repro Endo and he said he wasn't sure what the ER Dr was seeing but the bleeding I had was pretty normal and not a huge problem at all. He said if my placenta was separating I would be in a ton of pain. Since I wasn't in any pain at all he said I was ok. He did another ultrasound that day and made sure everything was looking good. Since that day I haven't had any more bleeding and every check up has been good.

Next week I will have my Nuchal Translucency ultrasound to check if the babies are at risk of down syndrome, trisomy 18, trisomy 13 and a couple other chromosomal abnormalities. This is a pretty common test that most women have during their pregnancy. It is just a blood test and ultrasound.

Next week I also have my cerclage surgery scheduled for friday. It is a lot all in one week but I am glad it is all moving along. It really helps me to feel more relaxed about the pregnancy and try to enjoy it a bit more.

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