Friday, January 14, 2011

Just waiting..

We are sitting in the hospital just waiting to hear from the doctor. A nurse called like 4 hours ago to tell them that they were finishing. I think that nurse really jumped the gun. They keep telling us that she is fine and they are just finishing closing her up and all. Everyone is pretty nervous, not so much because they think something bad has happened but just because it's the worst waiting game ever. I hope they come in soon just so we can know just how it all went.


  1. LeAnn in Fremont, CAJanuary 14, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    Thank you for updating us Lindi! We are on pins and needles just waiting to hear the good news that she's all done and the surgery was a success! I know that God will bring her through this and she will be better and stronger than EVER before! Praying for you all and I hope you ALL get the peaceful rest you deserve tonight! Sending our love to you all <3 The Resh Family in Fremont xoxo

  2. Yes, thanks Lindi. :) We have been praying all day for Scarlett and your family. Hugs to you all. (Sorry to be nosey and read your blog - not much to do this late.)

  3. You're welcome. Not nosey at all. I love that people read my blog.