Saturday, November 5, 2011

38 weeks

This week I am finally 38 weeks and today I'm almost 39. It feels great to have gotten this far in the pregnancy with no problems at all. Now I am just waiting for him to come and getting more and more impatient each day. He is very active still and likes to stretch a lot which Mike finds entertaining but I find fairly uncomfortable.

I had my weekly check up on Thursday. Everything is looking good. My cervix was about 1cm dilated and I was 50% effaced. My belly was measuring larger than it had been so the dr had me go get an ultrasound to check how big he is. The ultrasound isn't exact but they said he is 8lbs 5oz already. She also confirmed he is a boy and said he has a good head of hair. It's amazing what they can tell in those blurry pictures. Thankfully he is still head down.

Overall I am just feeling ready to be done being pregnant. I am very tired all the time and have been having some contractions but nothing major. I have been very emotional in the last week or so too. Poor mike has been doing well dealing with my craziness. Hopefully the next time I post will be with pictures and baby stats.


  1. Being 50% Effaced is a good start! My Midwife always told me it takes longer to this out then it does to dilate. Good luck with delivery!

  2. So happy for you, Lindi! Good luck and I can't wait to hear the wonderful news that your little bundle of joy has arrived safely. You'll be in my prayers.

  3. Ditto Kelly! Effacing is a more accurate sign of progress than dilation... especially since you can dilate from 1 to 10 in an hour or two. I was 50% effaced at my last appt was was in labor 2 days later. Baby's position can help too. Did you OB mention what station he is?

    Fingers and toes crossed that your little one doesn't make you wait too much longer for his arrival!

  4. congrats!! i saw pictures on your sister's blog and he is so darling! enjoy every minute of it!