Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't Sleep

Since I can't sleep and there isn't much else to do at 3:11 in the morning i figured i would do my weekly update on my weight loss progress.

Weight today: 220

Workouts: i was able to make it to the gym 4 times since my last post. I go for about 45 min a day. 30 minutes of cardio and about 15 min of weight machines.

Diet: i haven't been as good as i know i could be. It's been hard to eat when i'm not hungry and with being out and about eating as low carb as i am supposed to has been hard. I have been trying to think about it more though and I took snack baggies and divided up snacks that i can take with me places which helps.

Recipes: I tried a recipe with coconut flour but it wasn't edible so i will keep trying and hopefully come up with something good.

As far as my emotional health I think I am doing pretty good. I defiantly miss Zoey and can't stop myself from thinking about the fact that I would have been really pregnant now and feeling her kicks and getting all the stuff ready for her. I decided after everything I have been through I really want to become a better person from it. I try to take everything as a learning and growing experience. I tend to be judgemental of people and a little negative sometimes so I am trying my hardest to improve that. Right now I am very anxious about my perinatology apt and looking forward to getting the ok to start trying again. I've never looked forward to starting my period before but now I feel excited about it because it's a sign to me that my body is ready again.

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