Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good News

Today was my perinatology apt. It went very well. the Dr. spent over an hour with us just talking about everything. She had us tell her what happened then she told us what she thought of everything. She feels confident that I had an incompetent cervix. She said that becuase i had cramps for a couple days and wasn't really in pain until I had pitocin she feels that the infection was caused by my cervix opening. She also said that if it was an infection that caused everything then i would have had an infection after I delivered or a fever in the hospital.

So for the next time around she recommends that I get a cerclage at 12-14 weeks and I won't have to be on bedrest unless something goes wrong. I would also have ultrasounds more often to keep an eye on my cervix becuase if it starts to funnel or shorten they can give me progesterone shots to help strengthen the cervix muscle.

I was mostly worried about having to be on bedrest but knowing that isn't necessary makes me feel very confident in what the doctor said and being able to get pregnant again. She also said that we can start to try whenever we are emotionally ready and that waiting longer doesn't really have any major benefits. Yay! I really like my OB but the Perinatologist was really awsome and is accepting patients, i would jsut have to go about 20 minutes farther to see her at Stanford Hospital. I think we are going to wait and see what my OB says before we decide to change doctors.

As for Scarlett's doctors apt it seemed to go as well as it could have. They found out that she has a Glioblastoma which is very common in adults but very very rare is infants. About 5 babies a year have this type of tumor in the country. They are looking at having a surgery to have as much of the tumor removed as possible and then her having chemo. It looks like she will be back in the hospital this weekend and having surgery next week. we are hoping for the best case senerio of the surgery and chemo getting rid of the tumor and her being able to live a fairly normal life. I'm not sure the ods of this coming true but yesterday it wasn't even a thought and today it is possible.


  1. Yay for good news and for hope!

  2. I can relate to this blog so much. I lost a daugther in 2008 due to a ruptured uterus. I vividly recall the way I felt in those early months. These posts are exactly what I would have written back then. I'm living proof that it does get easier. I know you can't imagine it now, but it does get better.

    Someone once said something that really hit home: It'll be OK when it's over. If it's not OK then it's now over.

    Good luck in your journey.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. It definatly does get easier as the days go by. I feel so much more at peace with everything now. Thank you for sharing.