Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the doctors say

After I delivered Zoey they did an autopsy on her and my placenta. They learned that I had an infection in the membranes around the baby. They didn't swab it so I don't know what kind of infection it was. I kind of wish i knew but it's probably better that i don't know. They didn't find anything abnormal in Zoey's autopsy. She was the right size for her gestation and she didn't have anything wrong with her.

My doctor told us that one of two things could have happened. One- I could have gotten an infection through a closed cervix which is rare but possible. and Two- I could have had what they call an incompetent cervix and my cervix could have opened which would have caused me to get the infection. This is more common but is less likely for me because i had a normal ultrasound 2 weeks prior. My doctor also went back and double checked my ultrasound to make sure my cervix was closed and long. All the doctors I have talked to so far which is 4 different OB's said they didn't think it was an incompetent cervix.

What this means for next time is we have two options according to my OB. we are going to see a perinatologist to get a second opinion and see if they have any other options for us. For now what i know is option one is to have ultrasounds every 2 weeks during my pregnancy to check on my cervix and hopefully catch it if it does start to open. option two (the one my doctor recommends) is to have a cerclage put in at 12-14 weeks and then I would go on bed rest until 34 weeks and have the cerclage taken out at 36 weeks. I am nervous about this option because i know it is the most conservative but if i do it then every pregnancy after that I will also have to get a cerclage and be on bed rest. I'm not sure how i would handle having a child and be on bed rest at the same time. The reason my doctor doesn't recommend the ultrasounds is because if they find my cervix is opening later in the pregnancy like 20-24 weeks they can put in a cerclage but it won't last more than a week or two which can mean having a very premature baby in the NICU and stuff.

I am really hoping the perinatologist will have more information for us. My appointment is on Dec 27 and i am very anxious to go. If anyone has any advise or experience with making this decision i would love to hear it. I feel like I can't stop thinking about all of this because i want to get pregnant again as soon as the doctors say it's ok.

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  1. Obviously, I haven't been in your shoes before, however I can relate to the anxiety felt with having to make huge crucial decisions. We've been through this a lot with Ethan. It's extremely difficult to think about all of the "what ifs", knowing that either decision has about equal ups and downs. One thing I've learned is to pray for wisdom, a strong intuition, and peace. With Ethan, I've strongly followed my instinct, even to the point of going against what the doctors say on a few occasions. I know that God gave my in instinct for a reason, and I follow it. Another thing I've found, (however, I know is almost impossible) is to take each obstacle and decision one step at a time. Try not to jump ahead to far, it'll only make you more anxious. If you don't have to make a decision in the very near future, try not to be too anxious about that decision now. Anyway, those have been my experiences. We're praying for you!