Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Substitute Teaching

Recently I started to sub for the same district I went to from kindergarten to Senior year. Also my mom works for the same district. I haven't done it too much since Mike has been home but hope to do more when he leaves again. So far I have been in a kindergarten class, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade and a couple different high school classes. I definitely prefer the high school because it is much easier and I find the kids pretty funny.

Being in the schools makes me think more about what I want for my future child. I went to traditional public school and mike went to public school until 4th grade, then he was home schooled, then he went to a charter school that supported home schooling. Then in high school he did an independent study program where he met with a teacher once a week for assignments as well as took some college classes at the local JC.   As you can see we had very different experiences. I can't say if one was better than the other because we both turned out pretty good. Mike feels that a properly done home school program is better than the public school system. I feel that I got a good education and wouldn't mind my children having that same experience.

It also in a way comes down to me not feeling good about my abilities to teach my own children everything they need to know. Mike completely disagrees (he is sitting here next to me adding his two cents as I write so I thought I would share them). It seems like so much these days is based on test scores and specific knowledge and skills. Its one thing for me to go into a classroom and follow a lesson plan for a day but a whole different thing to teach my kids everyday. I know that every child is different and needs different things so I know we will do what ever is best for our children.


  1. First of all: I LOVE your tattoo! It was beautifully done and it's great that it has a special meaning instead of just being decorative. Second of all: If you decide to home school your children, I think you would be great at it. Most home schooled children that I've met are not as socially adept as publically schooled kids, but with Mariners, etc. that wouldn't be a problem for your children. Take care :) Lisa Peterson

  2. Hi,
    I've been following your blog for a couple months that I found through your sister's blog. First of all I want to say I am so sorry for your loss and of course CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy.

    I also have had different views of public/private/homeschool. I went to many many public schools from 3 different states from Kindergarten to 10th. My dad moved us around alot--sometimes for work, sometimes for just curiousity or wanting a When I was in 10th grade I was to the point where I hated school so much that I would beg to be taken out. I had friends but I hated the school environment. In 11th grade our church opened up a Christian school. There was only 13 of us the fist year but I LOVED it. We used Abeka videos and also had a teacher to help us. In my senior year my mom had cancer so I was homeschooled just b/c it was more reasonable with traveling to dr appts and helping out more at home. I used Abeka. There was a small homeschool group I was a member of and we went on field trips, had youth activities (such as sing at nursing home), and we had chapel at a local church every Friday so I did get enough socialization. With Abeka you can use videos and from K4-12th. Or you can use just child and parent kits in which it gives daily lessons and all and you just go by what it says to do for each child. There are other homeschool kits that give curriculum plans to make it easy. I have a daughter that is almost 4 and she will start K4 this year. I will either homeschool her or send her to the same church school I went to (they have about 70 kids now). If there are good public schools in your district you wouldn't really have to worry but where we live our schools are not good academic-wise and also there is alot of problems. For our county homeschooling is huge only b/c of that and so there are still homeschool groups that I would definitely let my daughter participate in. I have not decided yet for sure whether I will homeschool (she is lonely and does not have siblings yet so in some ways I feel sorry for her not being around other kids) or send her to the Christian school (it's only 180/month).

    After being homeschooled I went straight to college and did not have any problem with any subject. I actually skipped the basic maths that most people were having to go back and take. In English and Comp I we had to write essays every class and that was all we were graded on and I made all A's. There were only a few that made As and Bs in that class. But in Abeka we were taught very well in essays/reports/etc.

    I guess my main reason for this comment is to share another incident of a perfectly rounded person that was homeschooled. Plus I also had different views to compare.