Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Eat

When you tell people you are vegan they normally look at you funny and ask how I eat. I think it is hard for many people to understand not eating meat, milk, cheese and eggs. I eat lots of really good food. We love Indian food and Thai food which both have lots of vegan options. For a quick cheap meal we can go to Chipotle or subway.  Also I have been trying to make snacky things that are vegan to have around. The other day I made vegan carrot cake and cornbread muffins. I eat pizza without the cheese, pasta with marinara, nuts, hummus, beans, bread, tofu, coconut milk ice cream and lots of other things. I am only a few weeks into this new way of life and it seems I am getting better at it each day. Tonight while mom, dad and Brandi ate a roast with veggies I had brown rice with black beans and tomatoes seasoned with cumin, garlic pepper and olive oil and a salad with almonds.

Not that long ago (probably just a month) I was one of those people that couldn't understand why people would eat vegan and I used to say things like "eating vegan is committing to feed yourself" It is a little true because when i go to other people's houses I have to either bring my own food or tell them ahead of time I am vegan.  I am surprised how easy it has been to eat out and that waitresses seem to be understanding of what many would think of as a weird request.  I guess before I started eating vegan I didn't understand. Now that I am I would ask people to try it for just a week before they judge it and me. 


  1. It's good you are at least enjoying it. I don't think I would enjoy it, but I am sure that if I only bought that food, I could at least eat it...maybe. I could definitely be a vegetarian, but I would miss my mochas too much! :)

  2. I was just wondering about this! I heard someone the other day mentioning they were on a vegan diet, and I was curious how it was going for you. Do you feel any different? I know some people have talked about having more energy and just feeling better all around from eating a more "pure" diet.

  3. ditto Brandi. :)

    I'm really glad you are liking it so far!