Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I wanted to share with you all how I like to relax. These days people seem to be more stressed than ever and I feel it is important ,and most doctors will agree, to take time for yourself. So here are my top ways I like to relax in no particular order. It really depends on time and money available.

-get a massage
-watch TV
-take a bubble bath
-shopping (even grocery shopping)
-working out
-go on a date with Mike

I know once we have kids it will be harder to take time for ourselves especially for me when mike is gone but I need to try to find time when I can to relax. Mike and I have started a weekly date night and hope to be able to keep up with them even after we have kids.

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  1. It is tough, but "date night" can evolve! Instead of going out, or whatever else you might plan for your date, it can be a candle on the coffee table and a great movie you both have been waiting to watch.
    Wade and i recently have been trying really hard to have special husband and wife time. It only happens after bedtime for the boys, but it has been fun! (I still do not share my popcorn though.) :)
    .... relaxing... I hope Wade will find it just as relaxing for him as it will be for me when he gives me a deep tissue foot massage and maybe even a pedicure.... ;)