Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today I decided my blog needed a spring update. I changed the background from rain to flowers. I am so glad that the weather has improved and we are getting Sun again. It makes me want summer to come so bad. I am trying to get inspired to give my house a good spring cleaning too. It's hard because cleaning isn't my favorite. I don't know many people who love to clean but I think I dislike it more than most. I don't mind the picking up and stuff but I hate dishes, vacuuming and laundry. Usually I have Mike do that stuff but he also has to do outside chores now too. Luckily he actually likes mowing the lawn and gardening.

The start of April also means the start of competition season for my scout group. This weekend we went to Martinez and they participated in the first regatta of the season. It was a little rough but they seemed to have fun and got a chance to practice many of the events. The month of may we have 2 more competitions which means lots or work for me. I help train them to compete along with our other adults and I organize and help with the biggest one on memorial day weekend. My task right now is to hire a DJ and get the decorations for the dance.


  1. Like the new look! Thanks for putting in all the time for the girls. It makes it easier for me to be available for other things as needed. Mom

  2. Yeah, sometimes the cleaning stuff can be a hassle... dish-washing, carpet cleaning, and laundry. When spring cleaning time is about to arrive, motivation is either high or low for it. Regular cleaning can help lessen or remove the need for spring cleaning, or there's always the option of asking for help in the end.