Thursday, June 16, 2011

18 Weeks

How am I feeling?  I am feeling pretty good. I have been feeling the baby move a little. Once in a while I just feel like little pokes.  I have been having my daily afternoon headaches, some worse than others. Luckily i had lots of headaches as a child so I am pretty used to just dealing with it. I try not to take medicine if I can avoid it. I know they say it is safe but I figure it's still better to just not take it. 
Doctor’s Appointment? No Dr. appointment this week. Waiting 3 weeks didn't seem like it would be hard but I am finding myself getting impatient. I just like being told everything is going good. Next week I have an ultrasound and Dr. appointment. 
Weight Gain? Still only 2-3lbs
Baby Preparation? Nothing yet. I figure after we are past the 26ish week mark I will feel better about starting to get things together slowly. I have been starting to acquire things from people that are wanting to get rid of their baby stuff. Like my sister gave me a bunch of breast pump stuff. My goal for this week is to pick out baby names. I never thought it was important to do early on before but after we lost Zoey I was really glad that we had picked a name and I want to make sure that as soon as we know if it is a boy or a girl we have a name.


  1. Hello Lindi,
    Thanks for your previous response. Do you also see an OB apart from Dr.Lyell? If so, is the OB also associated with LPCH?


  2. I only see Dr. Lyell. She doesn't like to do co care with other OB's. she said it helps keep mistakes from happening and things from getting forgotten. For me it's also easier to have just one Dr. and one billing for all my appointments.