Wednesday, July 13, 2011

22 Weeks

This week I am 22 Weeks. It feels like I have been pregnant for a long time already. Since May of 2010 I have been pregnant for all but 41/2 months. It seems like the next 17 weeks are all so far away.

This week being the time that we lost Zoey has made me think about her a lot. I think about the fact that Caleb is now about the size Zoey was, how weird it is to know what that size looks like in my arms. Each day I feel Caleb more and more which is an amazing feeling. Last night I was able to feel him from outside my belly. I can't wait till Mike gets to feel him.

Mike and I have been working on picking out what we want to decorate Caleb's room with. I started a pinterest to help keep my ideas in one place. The next time Mike comes back we are going to clean out and paint the nursery. I am excited to start getting things together and feeling like we are past the hump of feeling like we won't get to bring Caleb home ever.

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  1. Been thinking of you lately. Love the name you have picked out! Sending you hugs!