Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Weeks

I am finally 30 weeks. I feel like even though I have come so far 10 weeks is a long time to still be pregnant. Currently Caleb is kicking hard enough to shake the computer a little on my lap as I type. His kicks are much less painful these days and are more enjoyable to get to see and feel. As he gets bigger some of the not so fun parts of pregnancy are coming back. My heartburn is pretty bad again, I get nauseous often I think mostly when I eat because there isn't enough room, I have a hard time taking deep breaths and my sleep is a battle every night. Aside from all of that I actually feel pretty good.

I had a Dr. Appointment yesterday. So far everything is still looking really good. My cervix is still long and closed. My Dr wants to keep seeing me every 2 weeks which I kinda like because it gives me reassurance that I am doing well every other week. I will continue to have my cervix checked until 34 weeks. After that she said if i go into labor they won't worry about stopping it so they don't feel they need to check me anymore. Each appointment they measure my belly to see how everything is growing and each time I am measuring bigger. This week I am 30 weeks but I measured between 32 and 33 weeks. I worry he is going to be a huge baby and since there is a bit of family history with big babies the Dr said we will do an ultrasound later on to check how he is doing and how big he is.

Mike and I have done some stuff for Caleb's room but not a ton. I ordered a dresser that matches the crib and I got a closet organizer system we will install when Mike gets back from work. My plan is to have everything ready by the middle of October. After the baby shower I am sure I will have much more to do. This week I started finding and making recipes that I can freeze for us to have after Caleb is born. My first success was vegan pot pies. Next I will try pumpkin gingerbread scones.

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