Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was Mine and Mike's 3 year anniversary. It feels like these last few years have just flown by. We have done so many thing in such a short amount of time. After the wedding we went to Tahiti for our honeymoon, then by Feb 09 we bought a house, In June we went to Europe for 3 weeks, October Mike started taking classes in Florida, I made 3 trips to Florida to see him between Oct 09 and April 10 when he finished. Then in May we found out I was pregnant with Zoey, Our 2 year anniversary we took a trip to Oregon to spend time with friends while they had their second baby, Then Sept 30 we lost Zoey, Feb 11 we went to Las Vegas for Valentines day, by the end of Feb we found out I was pregnant with Caleb and Now I am almost 31 weeks pregnant.

I feel so blessed to have gotten to do so many things. Although I know the traveling in our lives has and will stay slowed down I hope that we can show Caleb different parts of the country and world. Mike and I have discussed how we would love to be able to take a family vacation each year. Some years maybe just a camping trip others I hope we can go to places like back to Europe.

This year Mike was at work for our anniversary. Because of his schedule he is home for every other year. Each year that he is gone for a birthday or anniversary he sends me flowers. The picture below is the bouquet I got yesterday. It smells amazing and fills the whole house with the smell of stargazer lilies which are the flowers we had at our wedding.

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