Sunday, August 28, 2011

29 Weeks

This week was another super busy week. It feels amazing to be 29 weeks pregnant. As much as I love feeling Caleb move and the feeling of being pregnant I am also feeling ready for Caleb to be out of me. He likes to kick my bladder and cervix which can be very uncomfortable and a little painful at times.

On Thursday Mike and I were running errands in SF then went to the hospital for a tour. LPCH doesn't do official tours they just let you come and check it out whenever you want and luckily they had rooms empty that we could see. The L&D room was pretty generic, nothing too special. The postpartum rooms are mostly shared with a few private rooms. The nurse told us that they try to give people their own rooms but it really depends on how many other women deliver that day. They do have a webcam in the room so you can skype with people that can't come visit at the hospital. I really hope I don't have to share and if I do I pray it is a considerate person who knows how to act in that kind of situation.

After the tour I decided to go over and see my Dr. I had been feeling kinda sick all day and had a lot of cramps in my lower abdomen. They weren't terribly painful but really uncomfortable. The nurse during the tour said I should get checked out so I did. The Dr was able to fit me in to her busy schedule and did a quick exam to check that my cervix was still closed. Everything was fine and still doing really well. I was supposed to have another apt this week but she said I could push it back a week since she knew things were going well. I am glad I went in to be checked just because if I sit and worry about what it could be then it only gets worse. 

Mike finished painting Caleb's room and replaced all the base boards. It looks really good so far. We also purchased picture frames to put the pictures I had printed in. The crib is ordered and today I bought a pack n play that I plan to use in our bedroom as a bassinet/co-sleeper. I wasn't going to buy any of that kind of stuff yet but my mom, sister and I were at babies r us and we had old stuff that we traded in for a 25% off coupon. Also the color I wanted isn't available anymore so it was hit or miss if you can find one.

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