Thursday, May 19, 2011

14 Weeks

How I'm feeling: I definitely feel pregnant. I am still having heart burn which is very annoying. I also have round ligament pains once in a while and lately I have been getting lots of headaches. I feel lucky because i am able to sleep without getting up in the night. With Zoey getting up never went away it just got worse so I'm appreciating this baby being off my bladder. 

Weight gain: 2 lbs total. I officially don't fit in my normal pants anymore. I can wear them but have to either rubber band the button or use a bella band. I lots of maternity clothes so I don't have to buy many but they are a little big still.

Cravings: still popsicles and something I forgot on my list last week is sushi. Vegetarian sushi that is. we have a great place near our house that makes amazing veggie rolls.

Dr Apt: No Dr. apt this week, but my mom and I got very needed massages on Tuesday. It helped relax my muscles and get some of the tension in my neck and shoulders out.

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